Boss Lessons

Title: Boss Lessons: Leadership Skills and Mindfulness Habits to Transform Your Life and Save Your Career
Pages: 130
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ISBN13: 978-1522979685

Are you convinced that some people are born leaders? Or that the way things are is the way things are meant to be? And that it’s probably for the best that you just do what you’ve been told, no matter how stupidly your boss may be laying waste to the company.

Boss Lessons will help you understand that leaders are made, not born. You can develop the skills of great leaders just like you can develop skills to play a sport, a musical instrument, or to use a computer.

Do you feel like one of those extras in a low-budget office comedy, at the mercy of a butthead boss who knows nothing about leadership and yet controls your career? With Boss Lessons, you can take charge of your life and lead yourself to where you want to go.

Ten Stories

Title: Ten Stories
Pages: 156
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ISBN13: 978-1537541099
ASIN: B01DD6455S

Ten short stories of ordinary events in ordinary lives which, upon closer inspection, are the extraordinary moments that make life exhilarating and exhausting, if only we realize what is happening.

In The Penny Box, a man tired from a lifetime of missed opportunity chooses the moment of his death, only to be upstaged yet again.

In The Trap, three fisherman become hunters when a bear raids their camp, and one of them must confront his crippling fear of life itself.

And in The Frontier, a frustrated husband and father finds himself alone and defeated, but can a single moment of clarity make his life, or any life, worth living?

Composed over the better part of a lifetime, these stories claw at the elaborate fabric of lies woven to keep the underlying truth concealed.

Sally and Billy in Babyland and Their Adventures With Kitty the Cat

Title: Sally and Billy in Babyland and Their Adventures With Kitty the Cat
Pages: 130
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ISBN13: 978-1976295126
ASIN: B075Y4N857

Sally and Billy are siblings abandoned in the woods who fall under the control of a narcissistic despot, Big Baby, who rules a dystopian place known as Babyland.

Big Baby has captured Sally and Billy’s cat, and he doesn’t like to share. But they are determined to save her, and must confront his loyal subjects, whose minds are clouded with gas lighting.

And they’re mean to cats.

Sally and Billy face grave danger in their struggle, and confront a deadly evil no child should ever know.

Even children who have been abandoned in the woods.

This novella is a short and fast-paced story that will thrill you, worry you, and excite you.


Title: Fugue: The Amnesia Love Story to Make You Forget Every Other Amnesia Love Story
Pages: 232
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ISBN13: 978-1541209268

This comedy set in Cleveland takes a satirical look at men, women, and relationships.

Lina is betrayed by Joe, her groom, on the altar, ruining their wedding. As she runs from the church, she falls and hits her head, waking up fine except that she no longer remembers Joe.

Lina has a unique opportunity to start over, but it’s not that simple. There were deeper problems than what happened on the altar. She can’t start over until she solves them.

And Joe has a few problems of his own, starting with trying to win back Lina before she remembers what he did. To do that, he’ll have to figure out why he would do something so dumb to ruin the best thing he ever had.