Title: Fugue: The Amnesia Love Story to Make You Forget Every Other Amnesia Love Story
Pages: 232
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ISBN13: 978-1541209268

This comedy set in Cleveland takes a satirical look at men, women, and relationships.

Lina is betrayed by Joe, her groom, on the altar, ruining their wedding. As she runs from the church, she falls and hits her head, waking up fine except that she no longer remembers Joe.

Lina has a unique opportunity to start over, but it’s not that simple. There were deeper problems than what happened on the altar. She can’t start over until she solves them.

And Joe has a few problems of his own, starting with trying to win back Lina before she remembers what he did. To do that, he’ll have to figure out why he would do something so dumb to ruin the best thing he ever had.