Truby Scene Weaving Meets the Beat Sheet

My brain really wrapped around the idea of a Beat Sheet when I read “Nail Your Novel”. It was an expansion of what I learned from Chris Soth’s mentorship and his Mini-Movie Method.

I’ve blathered before about Truby’s Anatomy of Story, and it’s the combination of his Scene Weave exercise with the Beat Sheet that worked for me last month. Granted, it was a story I’ve wrestled with for 18 months, but with the revised scene weave built in Beat Sheet format, AND mounted on a poster board and placed above my desk for constant reference, I cranked through the new version. It’s better than ever.

I’m working on a new story for Glass Cage Productions, based on an idea we conceived last summer. I was panicked for a while because the evolving story had left the premise, but the new premise is much improved thanks to what I learned from Steve Kaplan.

So today I will work on the new beat sheet/scene weave. It may take a week to get it right, but it’ll be smooth sailing after that!