Take a Break or Else: Discover the Secret You’ve Known All Your Life To Get Out of Your Head and Get More Done Today By Not Trying So Hard

This week in Self Improvement, we discuss taking a break. Specifically, it’s the ultradian rhythms that rule our daily lives, and how working within those rhythms can boost productivity, creativity, and your health and well-being. It was wonderfully explained, in a 90s kind of way, by: The Twenty Minute Break: Reduce Stress, Maximize Performance, Improve […]

The Book That Got Me Started — Mindset by Carol Dweck

He could just be hungry, but maybe there’s more going on behind his focused eyeballs. A Review of a Classic That Pretty Much Everyone Should Read This is a review of a classic of the genre, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. This book explained the fundamentals of self-improvement to me and propelled […]