Are You Ready to Take Care of Yourself?

Health and Fitness Advice for the One You Love (and that’s YOU!)

The simplest way to achieve your dreams is to take care of your mind, spirit, and body. But in modern America, it’s easy to be distracted and lose sight of the fundamental care we must give ourselves each and every day.

The great side benefit of caring for yourself is that you have the energy and stamina to care for others in your life.

Ignite Your Life is concise and to the point. Written in a workbook style, it helps you identify good habits to replace bad habits.

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“If you take the advice, the possibilities are endless.”
—Dr. Dennis Weinstein

“…this inspiring book to guides us to become better versions of ourselves.”
—Kevin King

“I found this book to inspirational, full of good common sense, interesting and something that I will refer back to often.”
—From an Amazon Review