Mickey Picayune

The Old Website is New Again

Dawn of a new day for my website.

I've revamped my website, http://www.mickeyhadick.com, after a few years of stagnation. What's most interesting, of course, is my content, especially my blog posts these days. I'm sure there's something there you'd enjoy.

It ain't fancy, and I doubt it ever will be. It's a place to find my articles, links to social media, and links to my books.

If you're an author, you may be interested in my theme, which is called "Published." It's superpower is a custom content type for books. It does a nice job of presenting them.

Also, if you're a writer of any kind, you'll appreciate that I'm working on my website as an excuse to avoid writing my next novel. I haven't built up any momentum with the story, and I'm extremely vulnerable to distraction.