Mickey Picayune

Welcome to The Mickey Picayune

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Mickey Picayune. The change in branding is as much for me as it is for you, trying to get me to make this a regular thing (monthly?) and to offer value each time so that you open the email. It's not like I can give you a free book with every email, but I can give you something. Maybe an updated picture of me will suffice?

New business

I completed updates to my website, www.mickeyhadick.com. If you've read these newsletters regularly, you've probably seen all the bits and pieces, but this is a better presentation and improved navigation. If nothing else, browse my blog for an existential crisis blast from the past.

I'm deep into a sci-fi dystopian novel, now. Those can be tricky to pull off, but I'm keeping it short in case I need to rewrite it.

And this email is coming from a new provider (SendFox) so I hope it makes it past your spam filter.

In other news

I drove out to NYC a couple of days to pick up something very important (my daughter). It rained ten out of the eleven hours during my drive east, so I didn't enjoy the fall colors in the mountains of Pennsylvania. During the drive back, there were some gorgeous views and much simpler driving. I took this one from Riverside Dr. in Manhattan, just before we got on the George Washington bridge (pictured) to leave.

Riverside Drive, Manhattan

What to read while you're waiting for my novel

I just finished Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley. It's set in 1948 but written in 1990, and it's a superb depiction of racism of the time. Also, it's a hard-boiled a detective story as they come. It was really a fun read.

I've also started Watch What You Say by George Weinstein, who I met in September at the writing conference I attended. I'm only four chapters in, but it's a grab-you-by-the-short-hairs kind of story, and I'll be deep into it soon.