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Well This Has Been a Different Few Months

Two opossum in the back yard — an omen, to be sure, but good or bad?

I haven’t emailed lately because March through June of this year has been a real kick in the pants. I have it way better than so very many so I’m not complaining. But I don’t think news about my writing is terribly important in the scope of things.

In case you missed it — like maybe you just woke up from a six-month coma — Australia burned, the Alaskan arctic burned and the Siberian arctic burned. We are in a climate crisis, and you should vote this fall for someone who is going to address the problem.

The movie Contagion turned out to be eerily correct, and we’re now in the grips of a pandemic. After doing nothing for months, the administration has decided to do nothing all year, and is leaving it up to individual states to figure out how to keep its citizen healthy and safe. Come this fall, you should vote for someone who is going to address the problem, because it’s not going away.

Here is a little something I wrote about that: I’m COVID-19, and I Don’t Give a Flying Fuck About You

Then after a string of police killings, rioting broke out. I published any satire about that (but I’m hoping too). Let me be clear in that I believe Black Lives Matter.

Furthermore, that aforementioned climate crisis can only be truly mitigated if we learn how to treat all of our citizens and welcome guests as human being who deserve to live. Arming municipal police departments like paramilitary organizations, and then treating people of color as criminals by default, is tearing us apart, and keeping us from healing the world.

If you’ve read this far, and haven’t unsubscribed, you may be interested to know that I have polished, and am querying agents for, the novel I’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s a domestic thriller about police corruption. I’m also making final revisions to a dystopian sci-fi thriller that I hope to have polished by the fall.

If I can’t find an agent, I’ll move quickly to self-publish. Either way, you’re going to be able to read it.

Our shed in the back yard

Meanwhile, I’m also working on my next novel, a psychological thriller with a business setting. Speaking of business, I also published this back in April: Select LinkedIn Posts for 2B2F Chemical, as Written by Its Public Relations Director, Mammon, Satan’s Demon of Greed

I hope you’re safe and healthy, only venturing out when necessary, and wearing a mask. I am saddened by people who consider wearing a mask an infringement of their rights, when it’s no more than an inconvenience. I could go on, but I won’t. I’ve probably said enough for one email.

Thanks for tuning in to the Mickey Picayune.