Going Running

I’m about to go running, which has been an important time for me to think about me things. I’m out of the house for twenty to thirty minutes, listening to music to which I want to listen, and I distract my conscious brain with the activity of running. This frees up other parts of my brain to roam a little more freely through the archives.

I think about my current life situation a lot–job, family, finances, and home. I think about possibilities, and what would make me happier. I think about stories I want to tell, and ways I might change my life. It’s my thirty minutes of Forrest Gump style running.

There are quite a few things to think about, as there should be. Things for which to be grateful are family, health, a job, and not danging my prepositions when unnecessary (see previous sentence).

I tend to have fun, or at least laugh, with whatever I’m doing. I’m going to think about ways to have even more fun while improving myself on both a personal and professional level. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll let myself dangle a preposition as I select the music I’m listening to.