Self Improvement

My Pomodoro Technique

I have struggled mightily over the years to figure out some way to achieve my dreams. I have chased various productivity systems and used every manner of gadget. There is only one way to be more productive and that, simply is to be more productive.

One must be able to recognize unproductive temptations and avoid them. One must also prioritize efforts, and only work on the most important. Finally, one must place one’s ass in a chair and work.

The stuggle, of course, is eternal. My mind wanders quickly. Nearly everything reminds me of sex, and then I begin to fantasize, and not much real work gets done. I could really try my hand at writing porn.

Nevertheless, I am trying two tecniques at the moment, and the one I will mention here is The Pomodoro Techniqueâ„¢ . In it’s basic form it consists of working on one thing, and only one thing, for twenty five minutes before taking a short break. That means no porn.

It’s refreshing in it’s simplicity, and has been effective. It’s a bit like meditating in that the brain is relieved of other worries during that time.

If you watch porn for twenty minutes straight, that’s called the Pornodoro Technique. What that is useful for is the subject of another post.