Being Hadick

I have had two interesting encounters with folks named Hadick this past week, which reminded me of another, more interesting encounter.

I joined a social networking site and within one day was contacted by someone else with the same last name. It turned out to be my cousin’s son whom I had never met before. I had not seen that cousin in over a decade, since our Grandfather’s funeral.

The other encounter was via e-mail in which someone had stumbled on one of my web site endeavors and was curious if we were related. I don’t believe we are, but it was a reasonable guess on his part because there just aren’t that many with this surname.

The third encounter was one that I stumbled upon while Googling “Hadick”. There is a tech-job recruiting firm based in Dayton, and they dominate the results of any Google search, but one other link came up. It turns out the mayor of the village of Albion, NY, is also a Hadick (or he was mayor at one time) and some of his exploits have been posted on the internet, to the point where a site has been established to track some of those exploits. Now I’ve done a couple of dumb things on the internet, and some even dumber things in my life. I’m not trying to pass judgment, and I urge everyone to use compassion, patience and forbearance when reading about someone else’s misadventures.

I did want to point out that I am not the infamous mayor, neither am I the recruiter, or the Chicago-based filmmaker. I invite all Hadicks to get in touch, either directly, or through Facebook or LinkedIn. At least we all have one thing in common.