Bridesmaids Be Trippin’

I saw Bridesmaids and laughed a lot. It is chock full of funny bits. Ilt opens with fornicating and it was, by far, funnier fornicating than the fornicating in MacGruber. The vomiting was somewhere between “Animal House” and “The Exorcist”.  And the defecating scenes was funnier than the poop-in-your-pants scene in the “Sex and the City” movie.

I only see a few minor areas for improvement and I will preface them with explaining my authority for making any suggestions. I am working on a script and have struggled to correct the very same type of problems, and by expounding on them here I hope to better understand the struggle itself. I would not deign to criticize Kristen Wiig. I would  pay to watch her read the phonebook.

Kristen’s character is a failed baker of cakes, and I so very much wanted it to be one of her own cakes that poisoned the other women. Baking a poisonous cake tightens the connections between your characters, and heightens the intensity of emotions.

Steve Kaplan, among others, suggests that the hero should not be heroic, and Kristen got that right. A bunch of bad things happen to her, but only some of those things were done to benefit her cause. In fact, everything that happens to the main character in a comedy should be the direct result of that main character trying to accomplish their goal. So when Kristen’s character gets whacked out on the plane from valium and scotch, it would have been better had she taken them to achieve something else, rather than being victimized.

Melissa McCarthy’s Megan is a brilliant, comedic character, and draws her humor from being oblivious to the world as she pursues her own desires. As funny as Kristen and Maya are, Melissa was with them step for step.