Celtx on the iPad — Oh iCrap!

Celtx, my favorite screenwriting software, is now available in the iPhone store, which means it’ll work just fine on an iPad. I had that moment of whimsical disappointment and jealousy I get all too often, thinking it would be such fun to work on a screenplay with an iPad. Of course it would, but I don’t even own an iPod Touch, let alone an iPhone, and, heavens forbid, an iPad. I would enjoy each, but it just hasn’t worked out that way.

But if you have any of those three, Celtx can now go anywhere you go.

I get that same feeling of disappointed jealousy whenever a new movie comes out that I really enjoy–I regret not having created that movie myself. That’s a very immature viewpoint, but at least I don’t wallow in it. I do try to take inspiration from the movie, and work on my own ideas a little more seriously. I’m not sure having an iPad would actually make me a better, or more productive writer. But, like dating twins, I’d like to try it some weekend.