Cooking Mistake or Cool Experiment–You Decide

I had an incident while preparing Nan bread from a recipe that called for heating a pizza stone to 500 degrees. A pizza stone, if you are not familiar, is thick clayware that acts as a heatsink to help ensure the crust is thoroughly baked. And 500 degrees, by the way, is really hot.

After the dough has risen, it is divided and rolled flat. You then moisten the outside by flipping the this pieces of dough between your wet hands.

I did this, and flipped the wet dough onto the very hot clayware and the clayware shattered apart with a very loud bang. It spooked me, but as shards of clay landed on the kitchen floor, my brain realized what had happened.

My confidence was shattered as well, and I did not pay enough attention to the thin bread, which only needs two minutes in that extreme heat to fully bake. Thirty extra seconds and they were scorched.

No use crying wolf over spilled milk.

Pizza stone