Cornering a Market

My neighbor and friend, I’ll call him “Tom”, has created a lair in which he explores the recesses of his mind. He is convinced he can hatch a plan that will lead to world domination. The American dream is not unlike Hitler’s insatiable thirst for power, but in America we want to corner a market and launch a web site to sell products, whereas Hitler wanted to destroy all non-aryans and dominate the Northern hemisphere for 1,000 years. Had Hitler succeeded, he would have a very popular web site today, something like “”, and the stick figures in would all be drawn with white ink if there was such a thing as white ink. When my neighbor, Tom, finally writes his book, I hope it’s more interesting than “Mein Kampf”, which really dragged during the second act. (No wonder it has never been optioned as a movie.) Evil Genius