Dramatica is Not a Yiddish Word

Dramatica is just begging to be prefixed with “sch”, but that word is the name of a theory of story, as in story telling, that I have studied. It is a great system for the writer to use as a framework of characters and story arcs, and provides for multiple plots and sub plots as the various characters work their way through the story timeline.

The unique perspective of Dramatica is to consider the story to be a mind that must work out a problem, and all the various characters are parts of that mind, and the way they interact in solving that problem is the story telling. Here is a link to their site, which is really the place to go for a better explanation.

It has helped me write several stories, and they all are complete in terms of working through the problem, but one thing it didn’t help with is creating an interesting story filled with drama. For that, I have turned to Chris Soth’s Mini-Movies, and I think you would do well to learn from him as well.