Due Date Review (Boring Title)

I saw “Due Date” and I knew going in that it was basically like “Plane, Trains, and Automobiles” or “Midnight Run.” Those movies I love. I didn’t love “Due Date” but I can see how you might.
I laugh at everything that John Candy does, and I would have Deniro’s children if I could. So if you like Downey or Galifianakis, then you could easily love their movie.
The setup is plausible, the jokes fast and efficient, and the pacing is well done. Whoever taught the dog to masturbate is a genius.
The only flaw I might pick on is that they needed more of an antagonist to chase them across the country.
“Midnight Run” features the FBI and various Goodfellas chasing and tormenting Deniro across the country. This is in addition to the deadline he faces. “Due Date” would have benefitted from the natural conflict of added characters who have a relationship to the principals along with their own agenda.
The scene at the border that culminates in the insanely riotous chase sequence was a highlight for me. But the masturbating dog was the best. When you realize that a dog can lick himself, but chooses instead to use his paw, you are dealing with one serious canine.
My reference to a “bad title” refers to the title of this blog entry, and not the movie. I could not think of any worthy pun, except maybe the gay porno parody title of “Dude Date”.