I loved the story, the storytelling and the hope in We Hope For Better Things

This is a review of We Hope For Better Things by Erin Bartels.

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Do you ever think about the choices your grandparents made, and how it impacts your life? As I struggle with my own life choices, both as a person and a parent, I often think about what came before that impacted me. This novel weaves together three separate timelines of an extended family, presenting that very situation in relevant and compelling stories.

The storytelling was both familiar and seamless in its execution. Each shift in time left me hanging on some question that, once we returned, I wanted answered. The pacing never lagged, and the stakes kept ratcheting up.

At the end, I was satisfied. (By the way, that's the greatest thing any story can offer us, is the satisfaction of a great story told well.) It all made sense, even the surprises.

Also, it made me happy, which is no small feat these days.

The book is historical fiction, but also contemporary. Probably great stuff for book clubs, or for your summer reading. I'm not going to retell the story. Click through to check it out on Amazon and decide if it's your type of novel. (I hope it is.)