Jerk, or My Passive Aggressive Road Rage

While driving to work the other morning, a car raced past me and tried to merge into my lane in front of me. The driver, a woman, made the mistake of signaling before merging, as if asking my permission. I said no, and would not slow down to invite her in.

There was no room for her to merge. There was just barely a car length space between my car and the car in front of me. Here is the weird part: if she had just done it, merged dangerously in front of me without signaling, without there being enough room, and without even giving me a thank-you wave, I would have been fine; I would not have ever mentioned it again, because people do dumb things in their cars and I watch out and drive accordingly.

But to ask to be allowed to do something stupid is unforgivable. I simply won’t allow it. So I did not back off at all, and the driver declined to merge. She did, however, speed up and tried to merge three cars ahead; however, there was even less space there, and so, with here blinker still blinking, she braked and tried to merge again in front of me.

This time she started to merge, but I closed the gap and braced for a collision. She blinked, and veered back into her lane. She waited a few seconds, and merged behind me. It turns out she wanted to get on the other side of me altogether, and was able to do this. Once there, she accelerated hard to race past me on the other side and blew her horn at me as she did.

Well the same to you, lady.