My Reality Bites (Sometimes)

I’m usually a very upbeat person, but coming home was tough today. I had to clear a clogged drain–that was my mission for the evening. I came home to find the mailbox knocked from the post out on the curb. So in the freezing rain, I repaired that. No need to rush inside,

Once I did go inside, I discovered my son sick with a cold (nothing serious) but he is not a good patient. He suffers greatly any illness. He complained about feeling sick, having a sore throat, and that he needed a better pillow.

I scrounged for my dinner, finding scraps on the table and in the fridge. I believe it’s good training for if, and when, I’m homeless. Our house is a little bit cluttered at the moment, so it also feels like I’m making my way through back alleys just to get through the kitchen.

The drain was nasty. It is my bathroom sink, and the normal plumber-in-a-bottle did nothing. I removed the J-trap but it was clean. I then pulled apart the drain pipe leading into the wall, and found the blockage. It was like Dom Deloise’s artery, about 95% blocked. I believe it was shaving cream scum that had built up on the walls, and then took on a life of its own.

I then had to pick up my daughter from a lesson, and when she got home she became tearful over a slight that had happened to her during the day.

Now my son has thrown himself over our bed, and I’ll probably sleep on a sofa to avoid the cold germs. It seems a bit uncaring on my part, but I don’t really care if it is uncaring. Just one of those nights.