Over-the-Counter Drugs and Good Health

I spent this past weekend with a head cold, stuffed up sinuses, and sniffling and sneezing. What bothers me most about being sick is the lack of energy, and feeling tired, but not being able to sleep, but not being able to try because sometimes (most of the time) life goes on. I was at soccer games and music recitals, drove the kids to other appointments, and went visiting.

The “went visiting” part is probably the dumbest, because I’ve shared my germs with the world when, in that moment, I didn’t need to do so.

The best part was the legitimate excuse to drink Dimetap elixr. It’s the purple drink for children that is both anti-hystamine and decongestant. It works wonders for me, but makes me a little on the drowsy side. I love the taste. To me it’s grape Kool Aid, and I believe it would be the perfect basis of a mixed drink, like the Flaming Moe.

However, I get very strange dreams when on it. I can’t describe them, but suffice to say that I was overwhelmed with a creepy dread. It’s funny that I’m surprised that pouring chemicals into my body might have an effect on my mind.