Shaun of the Dead

The most romantic of the zombie movies, and funnier even than “Zombieland”, “Shaun of the Dead” is a wonderfully romantic comedy. Fooled by my own stupid sketicism, I had avoided it for years in spite of several recommendations. I watched it twice in two evenings, and I may watch it again.
It does have a certain amount of gruesome and gross humor that is mostly in the background until the final battle when a woman beats off zombies with the leg of her late boyfriend.
What “Shaun of the Dead” has in ample supply is strong and interesting characters in honest relationships with each other, and who are thrust into an impossible situation and are forced to make the best of it. Because they respond as any of us might, it allows the true nature of humor–our flawed humanity–to take center stage.
“Shaun of the Dead” will now take it’s rightful place of my favorite movies, right up there with “Groundhog Day” and “Midnight Run”.