Shower and Tell

I thought I’d seen everything in the shower at the YMCA. In fact, I thought I could handle most anything in a gang shower because I’ve seen the HBO prison series “Oz”, and, more importantly, I survived the hazings in the gang shower on the hockey team when I made varsity as a freshman.

You see all manner of body types in the shower at the local YMCA. It is strange what time does to the human body, and stranger still how some older men believe alternately sitting in the sauna and then showering is a form of a workout. They parade back and forth in complete nudity, apparently having made peace with their body.

I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that some men like to blow their nose in the shower. That really grosses me out. I saw a man without a single hair follicle anywhere on his body (but he was incredibly fit). I’ve seen a few things that are inappropriate even for this blog. I thought I had seen it all.

Yesterday, a gentleman walked into the shower after a basketball game fully clothed. He was barefoot, but had all of his clothes on–sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweat pants, shorts over the sweat pants, jock strap, and a do-rag. He stood under the water for several minutes getting soaked to the skin, and then, finally, disrobed. I’m not sure how he managed his wet laundry, as I decided to leave.