Silent Treatment at The Moth StorySLAM

I didn’t tell my story, but we had fun.

I had the good fortune to attend a Moth StorySLAM last week. I didn’t get to speak, but I heard some amazing stories. I disagreed with the judges, but the scoring is for fun. I’m not trying to chase you away from my stories, but you should consider listening to The Moth podcast if you never have before. They’re usually amazing:

Meanwhile, Sally and Billy in Babyland needs reviews to survive. If you’ve read it and you’re ready, please review it on Amazon, click here.

I’ve blogged a new article about my emotions and motivations behind the story of Sally and Billy. If you can’t read the book, read my new Medium article: How Our Fear of Abandonment By Mom and Dad Can Inspire Us to Survive the Bad Things We Must Face in the Woods

Finally, tell your friends! It’s a fable for our times. (And tell them to review it, too 😉