Source Code–A Programmer’s Perspective

“Source Code” was a technology-based movie that successfully ducks every technical aspect of how the laws of nature were manipulated for the good of the story. And that’s just fine with me. I think “The Matrix” lost its soul in trying to explain it in the sequels. “Source Code” was closer to “Groundhog Day”, and rightfully so. Once I have accepted the fact that a certain eight minutes of time can be replayed, I am more intrigued by those possibilities than I am in the technology.

I was expecting a more cliche ending with an extra chase scene and some kind of a countdown to the bomb exploding, as happened in “Speed” but, thank goodness, it didn’t come. In fact, the ending is as gentle and caring for the audience as it was for the main character.

What if you could relive a moment in time, over and over again, using your brain to work out various possibilities, correct errors, and solve a problem. I do that most days with my own version of OCD that worries about the mistakes, slights, and social faux pas I commit and suffer in turn as I wander through my world. It’s awful. It takes all my focus to let those things go, and get on with life.

In spite of laughing at almost everything, I worry that others might take stuff too seriously, and plot revenge againts me. Well, maybe it’s not that bad. But to have the option of actually living a certain event over again, rather than just worry about it, would be a blessing.

I’d like to start with the dumb thing I said to the cute girl in the cafe at lunch today. It’s bad enough I’m a goof, but do I also have to be a dork?