Still More Fun at the Pool

Longtime readers know that I’ve been teaching myself to swim. This continues, and is improving. I almost feel like I can swim, now. But that’s only part of the reason to go to the pool.

There was a life saving class underway this past weekend while I swam. Twenty teenagers were there for the lesson, and went through various exercises rescuing their instructor.

I happened to finish my training around the time that they finished. I went directly to the showers, while some of the young ladies in the class gathered in the hot tub.

Like so many gymnasiums and YMCAs, this facility has a gang shower that one must pass through in order to gain access to the pool. The idea is to encourage bathers to shower. (Is that ironic? No! Well, maybe.) Guys are coming and going all the time, some stay to shower, some keep moving. Some come naked, others undress while they soap up. Some guys bend over and irrigate their behinds like they are panning for gold. I thought I’d seen it all (a recurring theme) and then, this weekend, there was something new.

I was alone in the shower. While I shampooed my hair, one of the young ladies walked into the shower, mistaking the men’s for the women’s locker room. The poor girl, probably aged 15, covered her face, screamed “Oh my God!” and left the way she came.

The only other thing I can think of about the incident is that the poor thing would probably blog about it very, very different than the way I have.