Storyteller news from Mickey Hadick the Writer

The short film I worked on with friends for the Capital City Film Festival took 2nd place! In the film, I basically play myself — a dad worried about his daughter, or just an old guy whose world falls apart. David Fairman, the writer and director, nailed it. It will be available to see online very soon, and I’ll share the link when it’s posted.

I mentioned last time that we created the free course on improving your habits ( The Daily Fitness Habit for Success) and I’ve decided to create a book version of it. It will be available for free next week, so I’ll send out another announcement when that goes live.

Meanwhile, I’ve been going to open-mic events to tell stories. The coolest one is the StorySLAM events hosted by Storytellers are chosen at random, and I’ve had the good luck of being selected twice. I’ll try again this week in Ann Arbor. My hope is to be chosen winner for the night and advance to the next level of storytelling competition (that’s the thing with America — everything is a competition).