Subject Zero

I have been writing a script for a Michigan based production company, Glass Cage Productions, and just finished what I think is the fifteenth revision. The collaborative development has been very good for the script.

I came to the project with the original themes and plot sketched out, and put character and story into it. This was a very different approach for me because I’m accustomed to working with my own ideas from the start. I have also spent seven months training with Chris Soth on his script writing techniques, and so I had to shoe-horn those principles in on the sly. Thank goodness I had that knowledge, because it really helped me make sense of things.

Collaborative development is a really fun challenge. I drew on my training as a business analyst, as well, to understand the needs being expressed, to suggest solutions, and then present the iterative versions.

Subject Zero is a super hero story, and scripting the various effects was a mind bender for me. Figuring out the laws of physics in the world, how the various supers fit in, and adding recognizable drama to that made me think hard about every single line.

But that’s what it’s all about.