The Second Cup of Coffee Is Always Lousy

I love the first cup of coffee in the morning like nobody’s business. The aroma turns my head and draws me near as it brews. The sound of the coffee dripping into the carafe brings excited anticipation. And when I pour that first cup, I marvel at the multi-colored bubbles that form, thanks to the oils of the bean that miraculously survived the brewing process.

When I drink that first cup, it is all wonder and ecstasy. My problems become solvable, my goals achievable, and my outlook is rosy and full of joy. Even my bad knee stops hurting. I sit at my desk and begin to work, sipping frequently at that first cup of coffee.

But just five minutes later, the heat has begun to leave my coffee mug, and I grow suspicious. Did I have the correct amount of coffee grounds in the basket? Was the carafe clean? Is there something wrong with the water?

As the coffee cools, it is also exposed to the air and begins to oxidize. So I return to the carafe, and pour a second cup.

But the second one is lousy. Worse than lousy, as now it is just as oxidized as the first, and has grown bitter under the heat. I wonder, “Why do I even like coffee?”

I really need one of those single cup brewers. It’d be like meeting the love of your life for the very first time with every cup of coffee. The spark, the excitement, the arousal. Whew, now I need a cigarette. had one of those brewers a few months ago for $20, but I missed the deal. I may never forgive myself for that.