Why I Watch Movies

I went for a jog with my daughter today and it was chilly. I thought we should wear long sleeve shirts, but she wore a plain, short-sleeved shirt so I felt to do the same. I couldn’t be shown up by my daughter.

It was cold. The wind was blowing stiffly, and there was the threat of rain. By the time we were at the football field, we were both freezing, and our fingers were hurting. We both had to swing our arms to get the blood flowing.

Near the midway point, she began rubbing her arms and I said, “Rub your trunk; your arms will take care of themselves.”

It was a quote from “Batman Begins”. Henri Ducard is coaching the vulnerable and misguided Bruce Wayne after having fallen through the ice during battle. And what would I do, who would I be, without modern culture?

I’d be vulnerable and misguided, that’s what. And susceptible to crazy ideas.