30 Laughs or Less

I recently saw “30 Minutes or Less” and what I really liked were the performances. I have been a mad Fred Ward fan ever since “Miami Blues”, and that movie is a good gauge of what “30 Minutes or Less” probably aspired to be. Like “Miami Blues”, “30 Minutes or Less” is anchored by strong […]

How to Format a Screenplay

Nothing earth shattering here, but a line to a fine online resource about formatting a screenplay. Trilane.com makes their screenplay formatting reference available here. I have read several books on the subject, and read a number of screenplays, but I still falter every once in a while, and my brain won’t let it go until […]

Bridesmaids Be Trippin’

I saw Bridesmaids and laughed a lot. It is chock full of funny bits. Ilt opens with fornicating and it was, by far, funnier fornicating than the fornicating in MacGruber. The vomiting was somewhere between “Animal House” and “The Exorcist”.  And the defecating scenes was funnier than the poop-in-your-pants scene in the “Sex and the […]