Elvis and Annabelle — The Movie, Not the One-Man Show

Elvis and Annabelle is a cute, quirky film that is worth tracking down. It’s an indie that got made, most likely, because Joe Montegna liked the script, and wanted to play the pleasantly demented golfer whose son covers for him in their funeral parlor. It won some awards at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Elvis, the son, feels trapped in his life, working in a decaying building in what seems to be a ghost town. The only glimmer of hope comes in the form of a beautiful but not quite dead corpse. The tension of the film turns on his odd habit of photographing the corpses, and the unlucky coincidence that he accidentally takes a picture of himself kissing Annabelle’s full and still-pouting lips.

Had she been blue and reeking of death, the picture wouldn’t have worked. Instead, it’s no weirder than Prince Charming locking lips with Sleeping Beauty who is laid to rest above ground in the forest, and guarded by seven bachelor dwarves.

Annabelle has a few annoying qualities, but the picture adds up in the end, and you should watch it if only to see Joe Montegna die in the muck.