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I write fiction and non-fiction, and I'm always entertaining, whether it's humorously helpful self-improvement, or heart-breakingly absurd satire.

Sally and Billy in Babyland and Their Adventures With Kitty the Cat

Sally and Billy are siblings abandoned in the woods who fall under the control of a narcissistic despot, Big Baby, who rules a dystopian place known as Babyland. Big Baby has captured Sally and Billy’s cat, and he doesn’t like to share. But they are determined to save her, and must confront his loyal subjects, […]

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Ten Stories

Ten short stories of ordinary events in ordinary lives which, upon closer inspection, are the extraordinary moments that make life exhilarating and exhausting, if only we realize what is happening. In The Penny Box, a man tired from a lifetime of missed opportunity chooses the moment of his death, only to be upstaged yet again. In The […]

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Mickey Hadick the Writer

I am a writer based in Michigan, and I like to inject humor into my writing, if you know what I mean.

If I'm not telling stories or telling jokes, I'm probably messing around with a computer or chasing after my college-age kids and their shenanigans.

I was born and raised in Cleveland. Spent some time in Columbus, Detroit, and Philadelphia before landing here in Lansing. I live with my wife and a couple of cats.

And I really, truly, enjoy a good story. I hope you enjoy mine.

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